5 Tips to Prevent Overheating during Summer Cat Adventures

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Ahhh the beautiful, bright sunshine, and the warm summer hot air blowing on your face. YESSS! Summer is finally here, and it’s time for more exciting adventures with your feline companion.

As always, there are so many places to go, but so little time! I’m sure we all face the same dilemma when it comes to summer cat adventures. *chuckles*

However, with the increasing temperature outside, there will be a higher risk of your cat getting a heatstroke and other health complications.

As a result, it’s important to watch out for the symptoms of overheating while you’re outside in the summer for your cat explorer.

  • Breathing heavily with a racing pulse

  • Vomiting

  • Red tongue and mouth

  • Walking unsteadily

  • Excessive panting

Before you leave for adventures, confirm the weather and temperature of the day. If the temperature is extremely hot or dry, it’s better to stay home than facing the risk of a heat stroke.

Now let’s talk about some tips to keep your cat cool for the summer!

Tip #1: Dress cool to stay cool

That’s right! Not only you can put on accessories on your cat to look like a purrfessional meowdel, in fact, these extra accessories can ACTUALLY keep them cool.

Cooling bandanas or cooling vests are great options to moderate your cat’s temperature during hotter seasons. The materials of these clothing fabrics are light weight and can easily retain water. Thus, it will maintain a refreshing feeling on your cat.

All you need to do is to damp the bandana or vest in cold water, and voila! It will stay cool on your cat for hours!

When the fabric is feeling dry, you can always continue to dampen it with water to keep its coolness.

Another trick you could try with these cooling accessories is to put them in the freezer overnight prior to your adventure day. This method will help to keep your cat cool when they are exposed to the hot sunlight, and it helps maintain the coolness for a longer time.

Tip #2: Cool cats deserve cool treats

How can you reward your cat for being the champion of cat adventuring outside? TREATS!!

A great way to prevent your cat from overheating and become hydrated is to feed your cats creamy treats; such as, Inaba Churu Purée or Tiki Cat Stix.

You could leave these treat tubes overnight in the freezer for it to become icy popsicles … yum! Then, you could bring these yummy treats as a way to help your cat cool down and provide extra positive reinforcement for their exploration effort in the summer.

In addition, with the treats already being frozen, it will stay cool for longer time while you’re outside enjoying the view.

I’m sure your kitty cat will THANK you for the yummy and icy treats!

Tip #3: DIY creativity for your chill cat

As the temperature is hotter outside, your cat will need to take mini-breaks during your adventures.

Therefore, the cat backpack will provide shade and cool down your cat under the flaring sun. So why don’t we take the backpack to the next level to make it feel like a mini fridge (in the best possible way)?!

You could place a couple of ice packs at the bottom of the backpack with a towel layered on top. This will help to regulate your cat’s temperature while they rest inside the backpack, their behinds will sure enjoy the cool sensation!

Tip #4: Koolaid Cat ALWAYS stay hydrated

One of the MOST important way to prevent overheating is to ensure your cat is always hydrated throughout their adventures.

Check out my blog post on How to Prevent Dehydration during Cat Adventures.

Another trick you could try to help both you and your cat to stay hydrated is to bring water bottle(s) that was left in the freezer overnight.

When your feline companion is feeling hot, or you think their temperature is rising, pour the cold water into a collapsible bowl or pet water bottle, and let your cat drink the cool water! Also, you could use the cold water to damp your cat’s cooling bandana or cooling vest. This definitely has multi-purposes!

Finally, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated and cool by drinking the icy and refreshing water!

Tip #5: Stay in shades, cool cats!

Before heading out for an adventure, try to look for trails with more shades so you could avoid direct sunlight. Also, minimize ground time for your cat to prevent over exhaustion and overheating.

Honestly, who doesn’t like a cute shoulder cat who observes the world from high up?!

If you notice ANY symptoms of your cat being overheated, immediately pick them up from the ground, and place them inside the backpack with the cooling pads. Then, drip small amount of water on their head and back to regulate their temperature.

Once they feel more relaxed and cool, proceed with your adventure and let them decide whether to walk on the ground or rest in the backpack.

One more important note! As you continue on the path, check the ground to make sure the surface is not too hot. We, humans, have shoes so it’s easy to forget how hot the ground can be!

The rule of thumb is if it‘s too hot for your hands, then it‘s too hot for the paws!

Final Thoughts

Summer is a great time for fun adventures with your cat outside, but it’s critical to ensure they do not get overheated to prevent worse consequences.

Always observe your cat’s body language and reactions to the temperature, and constantly provide them with hydration along the way.

Look out for shades along your trails, and explore in cooler areas instead of paths with hot beaming sunlight.

Of course, if the adventure doesn’t work out because of the weather, it is still fun to stay home and enjoy the A/C!

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