6 Tips on Clothes for Your Cat

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

“AHHHHH there are too many options of clothing out there, and I don’t know which one I should get for my cat!” I’m sure you could relate to this sentiment when it comes to shopping clothes for your cat.

Whenever I’m looking for clothes for my cat, Archer, there are truly many different brands and styles on the market, and it could be challenging to decide which ones are the best for him; not just aesthetically but practically speaking.

I found the biggest challenge is that cats have a long torso. Unfortunately, the majority of the clothes out there are designed for a dog’s measurement, which mostly end up looking like a crop top for a cat. (Pssst any pet brands out there that would like to make more clothes for cats?)

Regardless of what you are looking for, here are some tips that will help you with your dilemma of finding clothing for your cat.

Tip #1: Get to know your cat’s preference and tolerance

Every cat is unique in the way they like their clothes. Some are uncomfortable with clothes that cover their belly, while others do not like clothes that restrict their arms.

Before you decide to invest on quality clothes, let your cat try a variety of styles to gauge their preference and tolerance with clothes.

Trust me! This will help you save tons of money, when you start buying clothes which your cat refuses to wear. Also, it will narrow down the type of choices when you are shopping.

Tip #2: Measure your cat’s body for the appropriate size

How do you know which size fits the best for your cat? Take measurements of your cat to determine the appropriate size!

The general measurements are:

  • Neck Size: The circumference of your cat’s neck.

  • Back Length: The length from base of your cat’s neck to the end of the back (right before the tail begins).

  • Chest: The circumference around the widest part of the chest.

  • Front Chest: The width from shoulder to shoulder (at the front view).

Once you have a good idea of your cat’s size, it gets much easier when you need to decide which clothing to purchase as some may not be suitable for their measurements.

Based on my experience, the most important size to be fitted for your cat is the Chest and Front Chest area, as this will restrict your cat’s movement if it is not fitted for their size.

Since most clothes are shorter on cats, it is also quite difficult to find a piece of suitable length that covers the entire back. Luckily, most of the time, the neck area is usually more loose which does not negatively impact your cat’s movement.

Tip #3: Find clothes with leash holes on the back

One of the struggles I have had when looking for cat clothes was finding clothing that has a leash hole in the middle BACK. I noticed that many clothes either do not have a leash hole or it only has it at the collar area.

Leashing a cat by their neck collar is not recommended as it is detrimental due to their weak necks.

Furthermore, it is still possible to go on adventures with clothes that do not have a leash hole, as you can attach the leash underneath the clothes and grab it from the end of their back. However, your cat’s clothing will be pulled upwards when you start controlling the leash during your walks.

I do have to admit that it is a personal preference for me to find clothes with a leash hole in the back, but if you really love that piece of clothing, don’t get hung up by the fact that there’s no leash hole.

Tip #4: Ensure your cat has room for movement

It wouldn’t be helpful for your cat to wear a piece of clothing if they cannot move freely in it! Since every cat has a different measurement, make sure the clothing you decide to purchase DOES NOT limit your cat’s movement.

As I mentioned that some cats have their preferences when it comes to clothing, ensure your cat feels comfortable with the style you put on them.

At the end of the day, your cat needs to be able to jump up and down, climb a tree, and explore with complete liberty when they are outside with you.

Tip #5: Consider the size when purchasing for clothes

While you are looking for the appropriate size of cat clothing, consider the size and purpose you’re purchasing for.

For example, if you are hoping to put on extra layers on top of each other, a size bigger will allow room for layering. In addition, always ensure there is room for the harness as it is the most essential equipment for cat adventuring.

Tip #6: Find material suited for the weather and activity

Depending on the weather, your cat will need to wear clothes to help them combat whatever climate is out there. As a result, I look for materials that is appropriate for the environment outside.

For summer clothing, check to see if the material is breathable and comfortable to avoid your cat from getting a heat stroke. A cooling vest or bandana is a great option to keep your cat feeling refreshed and cool in the summer.

For winter clothing, ensure the material is stretchable for layering, and not restrictive with many pieces of clothing. A good winter jacket will keep your cat warm and prevent them from hyperthermia.

Furthermore, if you live in a humid environment, a quick dry material will be helpful to keep the clothes dry on your cat. You could consider getting a drying coat if you are planning to have fun near the water, so you could keep your cat dry if they get wet.

Final Thoughts

It is quite fun when it comes to clothes shopping; however, due to the substantial number of choices available on the market, it can be difficult to make the right choices for your cat.

As a rule of thumb, ensure your cat feels comfortable in the clothes, so it does not limit their movement, and that the material of the clothes are appropriate for the weather.

Once you have figured out your cat’s preferences on the style of clothes, it gets much easier to make decisions.

Every cat deserves to look like supawstar and have human pawparazzis following them!

Archer’s Current List of Clothes

  • RC Pets Baseline Fleece – As the material is soft and stretchable, I usually use the fleece as a base during winter to layer on more clothes. It is perfect for all seasons and definitely an essential piece of clothing.

  • RC Puffer Jacket – The puffer jacket is light in material, and a great option as the middle layer during winter, and a single layer in spring or fall.

  • RC Pets Alpine Sweater – The sweater is very versatile, and perfect for all seasons. It could be a single layer and middle layer depending on the weather.

  • Travfurler Cat Jumper (Canine & Co - Long Style) – This is one of my absolute favourite sweaters we own! The material is very soft and comfortable, AND the length is perfect for a cat’s torso. In addition, I was able to layer two pieces of clothes underneath the sweater without Archer looking like a snowcat!

  • Hurtta Extreme Warmer – This is one of the best winter jackets for cats, in my opinion. It is the only jacket that Archer owns which could completely cover his body including his butt! The material is reflective inside and insulates the heat within, and it allows multiple layers of clothing underneath.

  • RC Pets Vortex Parka – The vortex parka is great as a winter jacket for many layers underneath. It provides more freedom of movement, and allows your cat to explore freely in winter.

  • RC Pets Cooling Bandana – The cooling bandana stays cool when being damped with water. It is a great option during the hot summer days!

  • RC Pets Cooling Vest – The cooling vest is the same material as a cooling bandana, but the material can cover Archer’s entire body.

  • RC Pets Raincoat – The raincoat helps to prevent rain from getting through the clothes, and it also has a little hood to keep Archer’s head dry.

  • Travfurler Dry Coat – The dry coat is an amazing option if you plan to go on water adventures. It has a soft and comfortable material, and can wrap around Archer’s entire body!

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