Are Vessi Shoes Right for Cat Adventuring?

As a pet owner to a VERY curious adventure cat, Archer, I would occasionally go off trail and usually accidentally step into a puddle, mud, or wet ground, while he explores the fascinating environment around him. Most of the time, I make sure I have the right footwear for the possible terrains that are ahead; such as, hiking shoes on a trail, rain boots in the neighborhood after the rain, or regular running shoes for an easy dry trail. Therefore, I would never have thought that there may be a pair of shoes that is perfect for all of our outdoor adventures together.

I was not even looking for the perfect shoes, but one day I came across Vessi. As soon as I saw them, I was feeling both curious and ecstatic! “Ecstatic” because I have finally found the dream pair of shoes that I could wear almost every single day; BUT “curious” if it is truly waterproof, lightweight, and durable as they promised? Luckily, I had the opportunity to test them out on our adventures AND daily outings. Now, I’m finally ready to answer the question, “Are Vessi shoes right for cat adventuring?”

Before I get started, let me share a little bit about Vessi.

Vessi is a Canadian company based in Vancouver (hey I grew up there!), and was founded by 3 entrepreneurs who were tired of the rainy weather in the city. Yup, I could totally empathize with that! As a former Vancouverite, I hated the feeling of wet and clammy shoes whenever I had to walk to and back from school, and boy, we definitely had our share of rainy days for sure!

You might be wondering, what is Vessi shoes made of; mostly importantly, what makes them waterproof? It all comes down to the material! Vessi shoes are made of a patented material called Dymatex; this material is very lightweight, and prevents water from getting into the shoes. At the same time, it is also 100% vegan! The best part is, the entire manufacture process uses 99% of the knit material during production, which reduces production waste thus minimize the carbon footprint.

Based on the website, Vessi has different styles of shoes for Men, Women, and Kids. All their designs are simple and minimalist. My favourites so far are the Everyday Move Slip-On (since I like to be able to put on my shoes quickly and ready to go) and Weekend (which would complement most styles of clothes I have).

Now, here’s my honest review of the Vessi shoes based on my experience taking Archer out for a walk near Lake Ontario, to a farm, and my daily wear for shopping so far.


  • Waterproof - To answer biggest question, “is it really waterproof?” Yes! I could confidently say, these shoes ARE indeed WATERPROOF! I have purposefully walked into Lake Ontario with water that covered just below my ankle (you’ll get wet if the water flows over the ankle), and there was not even a drop of water that leaked into the shoes! I was quite impressed with the result of my experiment, and definitely felt over the moon with it.

  • Lightweight - I love how these shoes are extremely lightweight which makes walking in them very easy, and allows maximum movement no matter what activity I do outside. It does not make my feet tired at all!

  • Shapes Feet Well - Another attribute I love about the shoes is that they hug the feet very well. With the Everyday Move Slip-On, my feet was perfectly hugged inside the shoes without any slipping or fall off; which I really appreciated on the days when I needed to walk briskly or exploring outside with Archer.

  • High Quality & Durable – After wearing the shoes out every single day, I could tell the stitching and sealing of the shoes are high quality and very durable; they are definitely made to last for a longer period of time.

Let’s move on to some of the opportunities or improvements I see for the shoes.


  • Recommend for Colder Weather - The first opportunity I see could be improved upon is that my feet would feel a little heated in the hotter weather. I felt that my feet were a little sweaty if I go out for walks, especially in summer days. Since the weather is getting a bit colder now, my feet feel less heated and I feel much better in them. Therefore, I would most likely recommend these shoes for the colder weather versus hotter days.

  • Narrower Design - Another feedback I have for the shoes is that it has a narrower design compared to some styles I have seen. People, like my husband, who has wider feet, may feel a little tight squeeze in the beginning when first trying on the shoes. However, over the course of a few days, the shoes will be stretched out. Now, he has confirmed that he feels much more comfortable after a few wears compared to the first time.

  • Bulkier Look - Lastly, I personally think the overall design makes the feet look a little bigger than it is as the bottom of the shoe flares out. As a result, it could look bulkier on some people who might prefer a daintier look. However, my husband thinks differently, and doesn’t feel that it looks bulky at all - I suppose this might fall into personal taste.

Finally, back to our question – Are Vessi shoes right for cat adventuring?

My answer is, “yes, it is for me!” Since I have not been able to find a pair of shoes that is 100% waterproof, lightweight, and can be worn for almost all adventures outside. After all the trials with these shoes, I am definitely sticking to Vessi!

If you’re hoping to get your own pair, use code ARCHER to get $15 OFF on your purchase. Check out their website!

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