How to Prevent Dehydration during Cat Adventures

“Drink your water Archer!” is what I always tell my cat. I honestly wish that he could understand me, and ACTUALLY drink his water!

Since the weather is getting warmer with spring arriving, I’m sure many of us are planning some adventures outdoor to create more everlasting memories with our feline companions. However, it is important to remember that with the temperature rising and air drying, it is critical for us to ensure our cats are staying hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

Dehydration happens when cats are losing too much water from their body, which can lead to some serious consequences.

Therefore, always observe your cat’s body for any symptoms of dehydration below.

  • Panting

  • Loss of energy

  • Sunken eyes

  • Dry gums

  • Unwilling to ingest food

  • Low elasticity on the skin

Before your adventures

Prior to taking off for an adventure with your cat, make sure you do a quick research on the location and weather for the day.

If the weather is forecasted to be extremely hot and humid, it would be best to choose a different day for your cat adventures. In addition, if the location does not have a water source, ensure you bring enough fresh water for both you and your cat.

Preparation is the best way to prevent unknown circumstances for cat adventuring.

Now, let’s talk about some tips to help your cat stay hydrated throughout your adventures.

Tip #1: Bring a pet water bottle or collapsible bowl

A portable pet water bottle or collapsible bowl is the perfect equipment for you to feed your cat fresh water; while you are out and about exploring.

As a result, look for a bottle or bowl that is reasonable in size and weight so that you could carry them with you at all times.

I personally use the Travfurler Travel Pet Bottle (Code: ARCHER10). It is durable, simple, and convenient. The opening of the bottle has a slow-releasing function which conserves water along the way and prevents spilling of water. The water bottle also has a clip which can be attached to the cat backpack. It is one of the best hiking essentials I carry for my adventures with Archer.

Of course, given that there are so many interesting sound and scent outside, our cats could sometimes be reluctant to drink water.

One trick I have tried to encourage Archer to drink more water, while we are outside is to squeeze some creamy treats at the tip of the Travfurler water bottle.

This will direct Archer to lick the treats at the opening while the water slowly drips out to keep him stay hydrated. It has been a great incentive to help him drink more water on the go, and make sure he positively associates the water bottle as a reward.

Tip #2: Use creamy treats as a way of hydration

Treats are certainly an essential for our adventure cat, but did you know that it could also be a source of water?

If you have a stubborn cat who absolutely refuses to drink water while exploring outside, you could certainly consider bringing some creamy treats; such as, Inaba Churu Purée or Tiki Cat Stix along the way. There are even some portable wet food packets which can be a great source of water intake.

All of these yummy treats will not only entice your cat to stay hydrated, but actually do contain a certain amount of water in the ingredients to add some moisture to your cat. It is also a great reward for their persistence and bravery on the adventure.

Tip #3: Drip small amount of water on your cat’s front paws or legs

If you’re still having trouble convincing your cat to stay hydrated, you can try to let them willingly drink water by using their natural reaction.

One trick I have tried to prevent Archer from dehydration is lightly drip small amount of water on his front paws or front legs. As a natural reaction, he would try to instantaneously lick the water off of his body; which indirectly helps him to consume more water. Isn’t that a smart trick?!

I usually use this technique when Archer is panting, and if he absolutely refuses to drink water. It has been effective to help him to continue drinking water along the way, without having to put excessive amount of effort in convincing him.

Tip #4: Feed wet food or water before leaving for adventures

If you know your cat naturally forgets or refuses to drink water along the way, you could try to hydrate them before leaving for an adventure to avoid any heatstroke or dehydration while being outside.

A great way to do that is to feed your cat wet food or watery content before you leave the house. You could try to squeeze in some creamy treats or wet food into a bowl of water as an incentive for your cat to drink the water.

Since there will be no distractions from the sound or scent outside, your cat would be more likely to be focused on drinking the water in front of them.

Even though this will help them to stay hydrated prior to leaving, ensure you still bring fresh water and a water bottle or collapsible bowl for them along the way.

Final Thoughts

Cats are notoriously known for not always drinking their water. As a pet owner, there are many ways for us to incentivize or encourage them to stay hydrated.

The most important thing before you go on any adventure is try to be prepared. As a result, ensure you bring clean water for both you and your cat, a pet water bottle or collapsible bowl, and some creamy treats.

Always check for any signs of dehydration or heatstroke. As long as they are staying hydrated, you two will always create fun and everlasting memories together!

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