WOpet Automatic Feeder FT30 Review

As a pet owner, one of my biggest worries is being away from home; that’s either not available for a few meals or a full day. My cat, Archer, has a routine schedule on how much he eats per meal and how many meals he would get in a day! However, sometimes life gets busy, and there are days when we are out for too long, which would disrupt Archer’s regular feeding time. Now with the new WOpet pet automatic feeder, I won’t need to worry about Archer skipping a meal if we are not home!

“Convenient, Smart, and Peace of Mind” are three characteristics I would use to describe the new WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder (Model FT30)* based on my experience so far. This small, but mighty gadget, made my personal life much easier, provided the right amount of food for Archer, and gave me reassurance that he is fed while I am away.

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I remember one time we had to visit a friend a decent drive away. Since they are allergic to cats, we were not able to bring Archer along for the visit. Normally, I would worry about Archer’s feeding since we would be home later than usual. With the WOpet automatic feeder, we were confident that Archer will be fed on his regular meal times and for the right portions. In order for us to have more peace of mind, we also setup an indoor camera to frequently check on him. I felt assured when I saw him eating from the automatic feeder and being fed properly!

Product Overview

The WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder Model FT30 comes in a perfect size for small to medium sized dogs or cats. It has a capacity of 3L, and can accommodate up to 8 portions with 6 different meal time settings a day. It is perfect for cats or dogs who are looking for the right amount of meals at designated times.

The overall aesthetics of the machine is simple and minimalist, and the size is not too bulky for our home. The feeder comes with a:

- USB cord

- Charger head

- Feeder bowl

It has dual power supply ability, meaning it could be permanently plugged into an electricity outlet; or use 3 alkaline D batteries (batteries not included).

General Features and Instructions

Since receiving the automatic feeder, I have been testing out the functionalities and features to further explore its capabilities. Although the digital panel may seem intimating for some pet owners, but it is quite intuitive to use once you have followed the instructions and understood the features.

Let me break it down for you!

Configure Clock on Feeder

The initial step is configuring the time on the feeder. As the dispensing of food is based on specified time(s) of the day, I’ll say it is crucial to make sure the clock is right. Therefore, the feeder must reflect the current time of your location, in order to avoid missing feeding times.

Before you start, check to see if the digital panel is locked (a Lock Icon displays if it is).

  1. Press and hold Gear Icon for 3 seconds to unlock the digital panel. The Clock Icon starts to blink.

  2. Press the Up and Down Arrows to adjust each digit on the clock, click Gear Icon to confirm setting for each digit.

  3. Once the clock setting is completed, click Gear Icon to save the final time setting.

Setup Meal Feeding Schedule and Meal Portions

Now let’s move on to how you could set the scheduled meal times and portions. Did I mention that one of my favourite features of the feeder is that I only need to setup the feedings and portions once, and this function will repeat on its own every single day?! In just one display panel and the 6 buttons, Archer’s meal times are set and I won’t need to worry about the feeding time while being away.

  1. If your digital panel is locked, hold Gear Icon for 3 seconds, the display panel blinks.

  2. Click Gear Icon to skip the clock setting on each digit until the Portion Indicator blinks at the bottom of the clock. Once the Portion Indicator blinks number 1, set the time of the feeding above.

  3. Use the Up and Down Arrows to set the feeding time, click Gear Icon to confirm each digit on the clock.

  4. Click Gear Icon to confirm final setting, the Portion Indicator displays as “P-:01” indicating “1 portion.”

  5. Click Gear Icon to confirm the setting and move to the next Meal Indicator.

  6. Repeat the process above to set each meal.

Fill or Refill the Feeder with Food

Once you have completed setting the meal times and portions, make sure you fill up the feeder with your pet’s delicious food! One the best features of the feeder is that it comes with a rotating blade design which ensures kibbles will flow smoothly during dispensing of food.

To fill up or refill the feeder with food, twist the top lid, and directly pour dry kibbles into the feeder. Watch the volume indicator at the front of the feeder to avoid kibbles from overflowing.

Voice Recording

I think one of the coolest features of the feeder is to be able to record a personalized message for our pet during meal time. It not only grabs Archer’s attention, but also makes him feeling more familiar with the feeder as he could hear my voice!

Of course, a voice message is not the same as me speaking directly to him in person, but if I am away from home, this can definitely remind him that he is not always alone.

  1. If your digital panel is locked, press and hold Gear Icon for 3 seconds.

  2. Press and hold the Mic Icon, when you hear a beep, begin recording your voice message up to 10 seconds.

Final Review

Based on my experience so far, I think the WOpet Automatic Feeder has definitely made my life easier, especially on days when I am not able to feed Archer on time. I love how the feeder has specific meal times and meal portions, which helps to set the feeding and amount according to Archer’s health and weight requirements.

As a new parent with a young baby, I often worry about those little curious hands accidentally pressing the display buttons. Luckily, the digital panel has a Child Lock function which ensures Archer’s meals are not disrupted in case our baby wants to explore. In addition, the cord in the bottom is well secured inside the machine so it will not accidentally unplug.

Overall, this product is great for pet owners who are not able to feed their pets on time while they are at work or attending other events. Just remember that although we are not able to be there for our pets at certain times of the day, it’s still important that we give them affection and attention to strengthen our bond together.

For more information of the WOpet Automatic Feeder (Model FT30), click here . Use code ARCHER50, if you would like to receive 50% OFF your purchase!

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